Prestigious Colonial Club of India

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Card Room

The Club has fully air-conditioned Card Room and Bridge Room. The opening hours of the card rooms from: 3.00pm to 11.00pm and on Saturdays and day preceding holidays upto 11.30pm.

Dependents are not allowed to play cards.

Card Room Etiquettes and conduct of members

The Members & their Guests should strictly follow the following Rules:-

  1. Mobile phones must be on the silent mode. In case any member or a guest gets a call, he/she should quietly leave the Card Room and use the cell phone outside so as to ensure that other card players are not disturbed.
  2. Chewing of Betel leaves/Pan Masala/Tobacco is strictly prohibited in the Card Room.
  3. All Card Players are requested to maintain silence while playing so that the decorum of the Card Room is always maintained.
  4. Card Players should not drink water from the bottle. They are requested to use the glasses and not keep eatables/snacks on the Card table.
  5. No one should sit behind a card playing member/guest while the game is in progress
  6. Use of unparliamentarily language/shouting by member/guest will attract a heavy penalty. Shouting implies the voice level of the card players is such that it should not spill over to the next table so as to disturb/ distract players of the surrounding tables.
  7. Decisions or instructions of the Managing Committee or Card Sub-Committee shall be binding on the members and their guests.
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