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Rules and Regulations for Banquet Booking


1. At the time of Booking of the Party/Banquets a cash advance of not more than Rs.10,000/- to be accepted by the Club’s F&B Manager.Any amount more than Rs 10,000 must be accepted either via Club Card, Credit Card, online RTGS or by cheque. The receipt for the same to be issued by the Banquet Booking module of Clubman only, linked with the Membership Number, by the Head Cashier.

2. At the time of such booking, the Member against whose number the booking is being made, should not have any overdue payable to the Club. The Club shall not accept the booking unless such over-dues are cleared by the Member.

3. In absence of the F&B manager, Secretary must book the party, issue a receipt from the Clubman, and collect the said amount to be further handed over to the Head Cashier. The Head Cashier shall give the receipt to the F&B Manager or Club Secretary whoever, is handing over the cash.

4. If the advance is paid by cheque/RTGS/Card/UPI then it is the responsibility of the F&B manger to keep a track that the same has been duly credited into the Club account.

5. The receipt issued for advance through Clubman must have the following mentioned: -
Final Liability/responsibility of the full & final settlement to the Club for the booked party/banquet lies with the Member in whose name the event has been booked.

6. Five (05) days before the event, a phone call must be made by the Member Services executive (Mr Ali) for re-confirmation of the event and payment of the balance amount from the minimum guarantee. The member should be politely informed that if the balance amount of minimum guarantee is not received by the Club in its account three days before the event, the event booking may get cancelled.

7. If there is a gap of less than Five days (05) between the booking and the event, then the entire minimum guaranteed amount must be paid by the Member at the time of the booking.

8. On the day of the event the F&B Manager shall seek the confirmation from the Club accounts that the minimum guaranteed amount of the Booked Party is already credited in the Club account for the party to take place.The receipt for the same to be duly issued through Clubman format only by the F&B Manager to the Club Member.

9. Post event if the Minimum guaranteed amount increases or Extra’s are consumed, then thebalance payment must be collected through Card/UPI/Cheque and the final bill must be settled and a final receipt to be generated through the Clubman by the Head Cashier/Person on duty after receipt of the payment.

10. A phone call from the Secretary’s office to go to the Member whose party has been done, enquiring about the bill/receipt being received by the member and a courtesy call for the party to have gone well.

11. In case of bouncing of the cheque received from the member for the party/banquets, Secretary has to inform the Member and also the Treasurer of the same and necessary action to be taken henceforth. An amount of Rs.500/- to be debited to the Member whose cheque has bounced.